Nyx, A Halo CE Custom Campaign

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Code name xyz10a & xyz10b

BSP Work.

BSPs are block modeled, needing new textures and detailing, stock textures do not suit this ship's interior.

Animations info:

Conversing animations.


Story for this section.


Fades in

several days later...

Camera stares at the UNSC command center on earth. (1 massively tall building next to a huge runway. Camera enters the room showing a command display screen with crew working on blue, luminescent terminals in the walls all around the room. The Admiral is leaning over the command display table, in front of the screen. The crew in the room, high ranking, chatter among themselves while the team of protagonists wait in the next room.

The doors open and Ivan walks in the room. He walks up to the display table.

The admiral looks at him, stands up and begins to speak.


Remember Nyx, the planet we found 7 months ago?


Sir, is that not the same area of space the Ark was found, And the Master Chief... *pauses* John...


The Master Chief is dead, don't get your hopes up! His mission was successful and I want yours to be as well.


Sorry, sir. Yes, sir.


I know you and John were close, but he is not here anymore, and nothing can change that.


Well, we sent the Shadow of Regret; a great science cruiser down there to investigate the huge energy readings from beneath the surface of the planet, an entire ancient computer system. They went missing three days ago, just before completing their assignment of translating the data. This ship and its crew are the best in their field, our reconnaissance scouts have not detected any sentient life signs, but what they HAVE found, is the remains of the ship, before perishing themselves. My associate here suggested sending you along with a team he put together for you.

*The associate smiles and nods*


Your job, is to retrieve that data before someone else does; the bastards that did this.

*Ivan confirming nods then turns to walk back*


One more thing.. 

There was something, something else on the planet that was described to us as "darkness", just "darkness" before we lost our feed, be careful.

*Spartan continues to walk out the door*

Fades to black.

Lvl 1:

Fades in.

On board a destroyer class cruiser, a group of highly trained marines and ODSTs train in the training room overlooked from above by the captain. Sgt. Bourke and Sgt. Owens begin a training battle without weapons, just hand to hand. In suspense Owens cracks his neck and knuckles as Bourke stretches a bit before jumping a few times. They both then get into position, circling one another until a green light on the floor flashes and they begin to fight. They both rush forward, Owens with his fist ready to clothes-line and Bourke rushing forward, sarcastically with his fist ready to punch before sliding between Owens's legs. He swiftly jumps back up to attack from behind but he is stopped in mid-punch as Owens (who is a muscly beast) quickly turns around with his arm already extended fully, hitting Bourke slightly above the shoulders making his legs fly into the air and his upper body spinning towards the floor.  Owens then grunts to show he has won, then dusts his hands.

Owens helps him up; extending his arm and Bourke pulling himself to his feet.

Nice try.

You always get me when I get behind you. I never see your arm coming. *laughs a bit*

Ah well. You nearly had... Some contact from your fist... *pauses a bit*... nearly.

*epic music plays* 
Camera quickly changes position to a hallway as armored feet rush past. Then follows then down the hall and through the training room door. The camera stops as Ivan; a Spartan Super Soldier, keeps walking with a pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher on him. He walks over to Bourke and throws him his shotgun.

*siren suddenly goes off* 

*blast doors go around the entire room*

*Bourke catches the shotgun*

Men! We have high suspicians that some of our crew have turned against us. They are attacking us from everywhere. When I open the blast doors, I want you to split up and try to get to their commander, they must have a leader... And my guess is that he is at th...

*A high ranking sangeli stabs him through his back with an energy sword as he screams in agony and drops dead to the floor. It then growls and smashes through a door, running off.*

Alright men, the time to mourn is later.... But now we have to retake this ship and get to Nyx and find out what happened.

*pumps shotgun* <-- Overused cliche effect for epicness.

Lets hit 'em where it hurts.

Ivan gives out the rest of the guns. Everyone loads up and exits the room through different doors. Sanchez and Owens go through the left door and the other two go through the right. seconds later after everyone including the captain and marines leave, a few marines stay back to talk to the player.

Fades to white

Goes to Ivan view.

One of the marines with armour and an assault rifle talks to Ivan.

Marine 1 
Well... Ummm... Sir. 
What do you think happened to the exhibitionists? Do you think the covenant were
involved too? Or do you think it was more of those senti....

Marine 2 
Shut it, Barry! You don't need to flood the man with questions.

Marine 1 
But we don't even know if he is a man... Are you a m... 

Marine 3 
... Why did you call it a he if you don't know it's gender at a..

Marine 2 
Shut.. It! 

Or I will personally put you both under...

The door on the right explodes with a plasma explosion and another plasma grenade enters the room, along with a flood of plasma shots. The second grenade goes off killing all of the marines in the room and making the players vision temporarily blurred. After about 5-6 seconds the vision starts to clear and the player picks up a pistol and starts to fight the few Ungoy entering the room. (5-8 Ungoy).

After all the enemies are killed the player proceeds through the door that just exploded as for the other one is locked. More traitors are waiting in the next room. The player makes it to the bridge and a small boss fight with the high ranking Sangeli with energy sword.

As it dies...

fades to white.

Fades to a cinematic

Sangeli roars and lunges with energy sword towards Ivan. He acts fast and goes to the side, grabs another sword from the Sangeli's belt and pushes it away, into a wall. It quickly recovers and roars again whilst Ivan activates the sword. The sangeli lunges once more and Ivan does similar to before but stabs the sangeli in the
stomach. It falls to the ground with groans and blood. It lays there for a bit, breathing heavily before saying, "You... Will never understand... Why...". As it speaks it crawls  towards the energy sword it dropped and reaches for it as a gunshot comes from the doorway. Ivan shoots it in the face.

Oh, umm, hello! Sanchez sent me, she said that she needs your help in hangar 3.

Ivan grabs a carbine that was on the rack to the side the whole time and walks out door.

The player makes their way to the Hangar, fighting off traitors on the way. In the hangar there are few ODSTs, a handful of marines and two security crew members armed with pistols. Also in the hanger are jeeps, getting blown around by explosions all over the place.

After room is cleared...
Owens then suggests that they go forth into the engine room.

A door shuts locked in Sanchez's face, the only logical way into the engine room.
She hacks the panel, telling Ivan to find another way in.

He does, shit happens and the engine room is cleared.

Fades into white

In the room there are a few marines and ODSTs as well as the team surrounding a
holographic map of the planet Nyx in the rooms centre.

Some of the traitors escaped and took our life pods and some dropships to the planet's surface. But to get on with the primary objective, we need to locate the dig site. The captain knew all the information about the whereabouts and importance of this, structure. I know probably the same amount as you do, I know it's in the desert and cliffs surrounding one side. We have all seen the pictures. But sadly on that  postcard", there was no address. We have scanned the planet and come up with 3 locations with those features *brings up some 3 red dots on the map followed by 1 blue* and 1 odd place that has massive interference, but is in the mountains, with snow. So we will check them individually as we don't have enough men to scatter throughout each place at the same time. And just one thing... This planet has not been completely tested and we have no idea what kind of animal wildlife we will find, so if it looks cute... It will probably kill you. Trust me people! It can happen.

Everyone walks out.

Fades to black